Falstaff era Ballantine ales labels 

After the Newark brewery was closed in 1972, Falstaff opened a distribution center in nearby North Bergen, which employed some former Ballantine workers (mostly delivery truck drivers).

Taking advantage of NJ's "Three Tier" laws, Ballantine had self-distributed their beers in large sections of New Jersey.

Distributor's ad in Pennsylvania, one month after Falstaff's purchase of the Ballantine brands:

Another PA distributor's ad for the Falstaff-brewed Ballantine Ale, claiming it was a "genuine ale" and still "America's Favorite Ale" - possibly in response to then-recent popularity of the low-hopped Genesee Cream Ale in Pennsylvania.


 Final Falstaff-Pabst era Ballantine India Pale Ale label

Brewed at the Pabst Milwaukee brewery that would be closed in 1996

Short-lived Ballantine Golden, labeled from Milwaukee and Ft. Wayne but probably brewed after the latter's closing, in the 1990s.  Unknown if product was an ale or a lager beer.