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Next step is an HP86B with 2MB of extended memory, an optional 640x480 graphic mode, an optional speed multiplyer of 5 (from 0.625MHz to 3.125MHz on the fly), an extended extended memory controler (PTR3, PTR4) with full 16MB access, some IO to configure XROMs from the system (to add and remove standard XROM from the on-board flash, or add and remove XROM from upper RAM (14-16 MB), an on-board HPIB-9121 compatable DISK system (8 banks of 4 264KB 3,5" floppies + 8 banks of 4 1080 8" floppies) from a 256 MB SD Flash.

Somes bugs remains :
  • LABEL isn't working from boot up, need to use 'GRAPHALL' before right beavior ????
  • I can't read data files from images of floppy ?? Basic and binaries programs are ok, but NO previously written data files. Datafiles written by the FPGA are ok, but not the original ones. Very strange error ... 
  • HP82928A System Monitor isn't correct, I can't leave a breakpoint (with 'RUN' key) without trashing the whole system (I need some information about it ...)
I hope to have access to my real hardware later this week to sort out thoses bugs ... (I have some listings from the systems ROMS but not a complete one)

Some pictures :
The Nexys 2 system
After boot (need to wait 30 sec to check the ram ;) )
Some 640x480 graphics (with patched roms)
Same program in GRAPHALL mode (544x240)
USCD Pascal, speed multiplyer x 5 is nice in this case ;)
Some breakpoint experiment (thanks to SYSEXT rom from Andre Koppel)

Many bugs corrected (the XMEM have to restore DRP from PAD !!! it was the bug for reading some files !!!) a better keyboard, FORTH is now ok, 'LABEL' also.
A nice 80x48x537 alphall mode if needed (with patched roms)
A full live on screen debug mode (non patched roms) with serial monitoring :)

For the curious a ZIP to test an HP86 :)
(you have to get the XCS1200 SPARTAN3E, Nexys 2 board from digilent)

New release with an HP82939A serial module :)

New Release (version 34) with a functionnal x20 clocks (gives x15 in average with wait states for mem access). Now the sources are free (gpl license)
Olivier De Smet,
Sep 26, 2010, 12:42 AM