go42s, go27s, go17bii

Emulators for Pionner series for android

  • automatic save and load of state.
  • save and load ram contents as files.
  • test supported ('press on' then ... see your original manual), but fail on some stuff.
  • speed from 1/2 up to 5 (depend on your device).
  • hp82240 printer emulation included.
  • save printer 'paper'.
  • some help included for go42s.
  • import/export from/to 'goname' folder in your sd-card.
  • 32KB of ram for go42s, 8KB for the other.
With android 4.4.2 ans up the import/Export directory is now /Android/data/o2s.emul.hpNAME/files instead of /goNAME.

To use it you need to have rom dump of the associated model. Due to licensing issues, I don't give the rom with the application, you should obtain it yourself.
  • for go42s a 65536 bytes file to be named hp42s.rom
  • for go17bii a 98304 bytes file to be named hp17bii.rom
  • for go27s a 65536 bytes files to be named hp27s.rom
This should be placed in the 'Download' folder of your sd-card.

Be carefull, the auto shutdown feature is active: if you leave a calculator and come back 20 minutes later it will shut off, you have to turn it on again with 'ON' key.
This can be disabled on go42s with XEQ 'ON'.

First release
  • only go42s, timer bugs to be fixed for other models.
  • printer sometimes slows a bit, just wait ...
  • appointments and time not very reliable on go27S and go17bii