HP 9000 series 200 and 300 mac os emulator.
Based on the windows release, updated for mac os 10.11, swift and spritekit for display, C for efficiency of emulator ;)
  • series 200 are working, 9816, 9836, 9836C and 9837 are ok

  • series 300, actually only a 310
    • need a new HIL keyboard ... some bugs still presents
    • i use a 200 serie compatable graphic/alpha board (need more infos about topcat/catseye)
    • hp mmu seem ok (thanks hp300 netbsd sources)
    • 68010 seem ok
    • BUT hp ux 5 (5.141) still presents some bugs ... (disk image from hpmuseum.net)
    • 68010 bus error and 'continuation' are emulated with 'restart' of op (easier to code)
Boot rom ok : I choose 2H to boot 
Up to now everything is ok even the bbrtc from the hil keyboard
First bug ... swapon -a fail : it is the /etc/rc: 21 Memory fault - core dumped
But PAM succesfully launch
csh works but 'man ls' failed with the message
cannot do ev_
So I tried to install from zero ... at the 3rd disk (CORE51 disk3)
it failed :(
So more works needed ;)

Work is now done on HP310, I forgot to take mmu page crossing into account for memory access, silly bug. Now HPUX 5.1 is ok on a 310, for the 320? more works is needed on the 68020 emulation ;)