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Some experiments for an HP98x6 series emulator.
  • wrote an MC68000 emulator from scratch (from 8 to 48 Mhz with a Core 2 Duo 2.4)
  • wrote an 98x6 motherboard emulator (IO, RAM, ...) with the help of devs doc from HP and schematics from Tony Duel (from HP computer museum)
  • wrote a TI9914A HPIB controler emulator
  • wrote a display (alpha first) emulator
  • wrote a complex keyboard and timers emulator
  • got 3.0 and 4.0 rom dump from Jon Johnston (from HP computer museum, thanks again Jon)
  • rewrote an old HP9121 disk emulator
  • wrote a new HP9122 CS80 based disk emulator
First boot :

Many components failed .... anyway some days later

(boot with HP Basic 5.0 from HP computer museum)

Now :
  • can boot with 3.0 and 4.0 roms as 9816 model
  • can boot on 9826 and 9836 internal drives
  • can boot an 9122 HPIB drive
  • 9121 need some polishing with HPIB transactions ... :(
  • rather good 9816 display with 66582 enhancement (blinking is next to be done)
  • only french pc keymap translation
  • can use basic from 2.0 to 5.0
  • can use pascal from 2.0 to 3.22
To do next :
  • debug the 9826 and 9836 parts
  • optimize MC68000 emulator ... (easy for one part of it, just need time)
  • find some languages in rom ???
  • choose a way to get a nice 9836 display (even C)
  • debug HPIB ...
  • make some CS80 hard disk emulation ...
  • make some Amigo 913x hard disk emulation
  • find some SRM docs ...
  • ...
    first public binaries release, link just down (with us  and fr keymap)
    new release (corrected some timings)
    new binaries (program only, extract on the first one)
    more timing corrected, date & clock sync for pascal 3.22
    9133 still not working
    new bitmaps
    better internal disc
    better amigo disc
    save and load of system now functional
    save and load of disc ok
    better timers
    corrected some keymap (execute is really \ in us keymap, prt all & graphics is now scroll key)
    9836C display ok (try STORM from bas5manx)
    9837H partial (need some dump)

    new distrib

    functionnal 9837 emulation (thanks again Jon)
    some 68000 optimize
    added a second hard drive at 700,4
    rewrote layout (remove old kml and bmp files)
    put a new distrib

    added an HP98635 floating point math card (choose when 'new') , speed up basic x3, 
    pascal x7 if using reals. Just get 'Distrib-fpu.zip' and replace the 2 .Exe

    corrected some timer bugs (cyclic timers was not reloaded)
    added a basic printer as text file (printer-xxx.txt)
    other bugs corrected
    save and load of system should work now
    put a new distrib

    more bugs corrected for save an load of systems
    (don't forget to fill the full path of kml dir the first time you choose one)
    so new distrib

  now with sources (you still need the binary to get rom, kml and discs images)
  btw the source is large because there is in it a huge non compressed bmp of 3084x480 8bpp bmp
  bitmap file for the 9836c fontmap.
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