Emulators for Champion series for android

  • automatic save and load of state.
  • save and load ram contents as files.
  • touch center of display to fold the other keyboard.
  • test supported ('press on' then ... see your original manual), but fail on some stuff.
  • speed from 1/2 up to 5 (depend on your device).
  • hp82240 printer emulation included, touch right part of display.
  • save printer 'paper'.
  • some help included, touch left part of display.
  • import/export from/to 'go28s' folder in your sd-card.
On kitkat device, import/export directory is now /Android/data/o2s.emul.hp28s/files/... instead of /go28s/... on the sdcard. 
For android older then kitkat, nothing change.

To use it you need to have rom dump of the hp28s. Due to licensing issues, I don't give the rom
with the application, you should obtain it yourself.
  • for go28s a 131072 bytes file to be named hp28s.rom
Be careful, the auto shutdown feature is active: if you leave a calculator and come back 20 minutes later it will shut off, you have to turn it on again with 'ON' key.

Saecond release
  • added a landscape mode for tablet (screen at least 1024x600)
  • native cpu (faster emulation)

First release

  • printer sometimes slows a bit, just wait ...

Icon by Michael Vogel.

Landscape mode (screen should be 1024x600 at least)