Commercial HP65 emulator for android.

  • Automatic save and load of state (so 65c).
  • Magnetic card support.
  • Touch the display to slide the RUN/PRGM switch.
  • Touch the 'card slot' to open Card pack.
  • Speed factor from x1 up to x32.

First release:
  • should work with at least 600x480 screen.

Packs works similar to go67c.

Here you can find the Standard pack.

Cards are saved as ascii files (whole 618 bits circular register saved as 103 words of 6 bits (in octal))

Emulator loosely based on Non-Pareil from Eric Smith.
Thanks to Jacques Laporte for its hp 65 java emulator (used to check my emulator).
Olivier De Smet,
Sep 15, 2012, 9:29 AM