Emulators for Voyager series for android.

Only the go12c is free.
  • portrait and lanscape.
  • automatic save and load of state.
  • 'ON' only active on 'longtouch' to avoid mistakes.
  • tests supported (use 'press on' menu when calculator is off then press '+-/*,'.
  • speed up from x1 up to x32 (x4 for go12c)
  • full textual programming mode (needed due to keyboard remapping).
To use it you need to have rom dump of the associated model. Due to licensing issues, I don't give the rom with the application, you should obtain it yourself.

Make it an .obj file; see examples in Non-Pareil emulator sources. i.e. it's an ascii file with on each line 'address:code'. address should be in hexadecimal, 4 digits, and code in hexadecimal too, 3 digits. Lines not beginning with legal hexadecimal digit are comments.

Then put this file with the right name :

11c.obj for go11c
12c.obj for go12c
15c.obj for go15c
16c.obj for go16c
in the 'download' directory of your sdcard.
To be safe, use your management tool to remove all data for the go1xc app.
Then launch it again.
It should display a message about importing the file.
Then press and maintain 'ON' to switch on the emulator.
You should see 'Pr Error', congratulation.

Second release:
  • landscape mode, better skins.
First release:
  • should work with at least 600x480 screen.

Synthetics support for the 15C : use 'Press ON' from the menu then 'y^x' key to do the magic 22 bits rotate :) See : link. As usual this can crash the calc (as the real one too) so 'OFF' then 'Press ON' and '-' key can rescue the calc, otherwise, use 'wipe data' from android apps manager

Emulator loosely based on Non-Pareil from Eric Smith, font by Luiz C. Vieira.