HP71B hardware emulator with NOMAS roms.
  • automatic save state
  • speed from 1/2 up to 4 (with a fast device)
  • deal with 6 ports (now port 0 is possible, so change the on-board ram from 4x4KB to 1x128KB for fun) (touch right part of emulated display to get config-screen)
  • internal MATH rom, FORTH rom, HPIL rom on port 5
  • use ram modules from 1KB upto 128KB for RAM or IRAM on any port (be carefull, filling device with ram need some carefull thinking as explained in the NOMAS software docs)
  • external rom support only softconfigured roms
  • use lif based raws files (lif-header + datas see ftp://ftp.hpmuseum.org/lif), lif disk images not usable.
  • save/load emulators hp-files from/to first IRAM on port 1 to 5 (not from MAIN) to/from'go71b/{lexs|raws}
  • on kitkat device, import/export directory is now /Android/data/o2s.emul.hp71b/files/... instead of /go71b/... on the sdcard. 
  • show lex-ID and min-max tokens #
  • some help included (touch left part of emulated display)
  • 'ON' + '/' supported, use 'press ON' (in Action menu) then touch '/' then press 'ON' to release it

To use at best this emulator you SHOULD have a minimum knowledge of the original system.

Otherwise use it as a powerfull basic pocket computer :)

Hints :
  • MATH, IL, FORTH roms are plugged in port 5 with the top buttons.
  • To change the contents of a port, first turn off the emulation 'f ATTN', then in 'config' select roms/rams. Create rams as you need with 'new' from menu. Then touch 'Port x content' to plug/remove a chip/module.
  • To save a file from the emulator, choose 'files' then select a port, files are listed on the right. Select 'save' from menu to save in 'go71b/raws'
  • To load a file, select a port with a IRAM, select 'lexs' or 'raws'. Then choose 'load' from menu
  • To create an IRAM, first plug a ram in a port (ie : 1) then go back to emulation, turn back computer on, then use 'free port(1)' if you used port 1. 

Version 1.0

  • time and date isn't restored between session (but timers are ok)
  • don't use too small wait parameters ...
  • no sound
  • no special lcd effect (blink and poke "2E350", ...)
  • no hardware il module emulated (even if the rom is plugged)

Version 1.1

  • new display modes: 'actions' in menu then 'change mode'
    • classic: realistic display and keyboard
    • screen: use a soft keyboard (use toggle keyboard) ~30x96 display
    • screen+lcd: add a working real lcd display
    • miniscreen: 3 to 8 lines of ~50 characters and a realistic keyboard
  • save all display in a 'print' file:
    • activate it in 'config' and/or 'print'
    • do what you want to be saved (run a program ...)
    • when finished, de-activate in 'config', 'rename' it, then 'export' it to get it in 'go71b/prints' in you sdcard
  • paste the content of a file into keystroke (kind of macro': 'config', 'print' then 'paste'
  • faster emulation