Commercial HP67 emulator for android.

  • Automatic save and load of state (so 67c).
  • Magnetic card support.
  • Touch the display to slide the RUN/PRGM switch.
  • Touch the 'card slot' to open Card pack.
  • Speed factor from x1 up to x32.
13/02/2012 : math pack done by T. Ernst added.

Main menu:

- Settings: choose speed factor ( PSE duration always correct).
- Remove card: remove the card from the slot zone.
- Import Packs: search for '.pck' files in Download in sdcard and copy them into the local storage of the application.
- Export Packs: write back all local storage packs into Download in sdcard for external use.
- Delete Pack: choose a pack to remove from local storage.
- About: guess.

Pack view:

- scroll in pack by sliding in the right part of the display.
- the left part select a card to use:
  - insert side 1
  - insert side 2
  - change information on card ('Save' the pack after the changes)

Card is inserted immedialty, take care of the calculator mode.
In 'RUN' mode, read data from card.
In 'PRGM' mode, write program to card.

Pack menu:

- New: create a new pack of cards.
- Rename: change the name of the pack.
- Save: ensure the writing of changed cards.
- Load: choose an other pack to open.
- Save as: save a current pack in a new .pck file.

Be carefull, automatic save of packs is not very well tested :)
To be safe, use 'Save' before using 'Load' if you have written some cards.

Download the Standard pack from below (complete one), the Math pack is only partially keyed (you can help about that).

If another card is needed, touch again the slot card zone and choose the other side of the same card to continue.

Packs files are pure ascii files, you can edit them on a computer, but respect the lines spacing, only change contents of a line, don't add any lines.

If no pack was previously open, it create a 16 card pack of empty cards (white ones).

For more informations about this calculator, you can go to the Museum of HP Calculators.

First release:

  • should work with at least 600x480 screen.

Emulator loosely based on Non-Pareil from Eric Smith.
Olivier De Smet,
May 8, 2012, 9:52 AM
Olivier De Smet,
Jan 22, 2012, 9:41 AM