Officium Divinum - Ancient Catholic Liturgy and Promotion

Introibo ad altare Dei..... I will go unto the altar of God who gives joy to my youth....



Roman Rite

-York Use

-Hereford Use

-Lincoln Use

-Bangor Use

-Aberdeen Use

-Westminister Use

-Cologne Use (Koln, Ger.)

Ambrosian Rite (N. Italy)

Aquileian Rite

Bracarensis Rite (Braga)

Durham Rite (England)

Gallican Rite (France)

Mozarabic Rite (Spain)

Sarum Rite (England)

Roman Rite in Ireland (Ireland)

Religous Orders:

Benedictine Rite

Carmelite Rite

Carthusian Rite

Cistercian Rite

Franciscan Rite

Capuchin Rite

Premonstratensian Rite

Servite Rite


Alexanderian Liturgies

-Coptic Rite

(D.L. of St. Mark)

-Ethiopic Rite

Antiochian Liturgies

-Maronite Rite

-Syrian Rite

-Syro-Malankara Rite

Armenian Rite

Chaldean (East Syrian)

-Chaldean Rite

-Syro-Malabar Rite

Byzantine Rites

-Albanian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Greek, Hungarian, Italo-Albanian, Macedonian, Melkite, Romanian, Russian, Ruthenian, Slovak, Ukrainian Rite

Divine Liturgies used in Byzantine Rites

-D.L. of St. Chrysostom

-D.L. of St. James

-D.L. of St. Basil

Current Projects:

Translation of the "Use of York" Missal - almost completed. Preview Here

Lorrha-Stowe Missal of the ancient Roman Rite Here

Litany and Novena to St. Philomena

Ora pro nobis, S. Piux X

The Mass of All Times

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