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Reference page to highlight changes and updates to the site.

20 July 2019 - Bibliography list has been deleted and all my books and publications can now be found on the Reading List page.

Rescue Stations page updated with new photographs and a link to the British Listed Buildings site

15 July 2019 - Updated text description for the picture of Pit Ponies - Jamage Colliery

30 November 2018 - Bibliography page update to include "The Valley of the Shadow"

24 August 2018 - New page added giving details about Sgt Arthur Thomas Winborn, first Instructor/Caretaker of the first mines rescue station at Tankersley from 1903 and Bibliography page updated

09 August 2018 - Bibliography updated to include Ian McMurdo's excellent book on the Knockshinnoch disaster and the addition of several excerpts from papers presented to the Institution of Mining Engineers between 1908 and 1919

23 July 2018 - Links page updated

26 June 2015 - Bibliography updated to include "Theatres of War" by William Cooke. Excellent chapter detailing the Podmore Hall (Minnie) pit disaster of 1918
6th November 2011 - Bibliography updated to include "Breathing in Irrespirable Atmospheres" by Sir Robert H. Davis.
12th September - Links page updated to include the Yorkshire Garlands site (Mining related folk songs)
9th September - New page added with picture of Foxfield No.1 Mines Rescue Team
13th April - Links page updated
10th April 2010 - Site relocated (previously at www.users.waitrose.com/~philipclifford)