EGM Recipients

The following data is compiled from various sources, most notably the LONDON GAZETTE and the book "HEROIC ENDEAVOUR"

by Major (Ret'd) D.V. Henderson. G.M. (ISBN 0 903754 39 8)

There are only four recipients of the Empire Gallantry Medal listed for mining related activities


BEATTIE, John, Miner, Trimdon Grange Colliery, 19th November 1926

BELL, John Frederick, Underground Manager, Ariston Gold Mine (Gold Coast), 17th May 1930

CLARK, Joseph, Miner, Trimdon Grange Colliery, 19th November 1926

JAMIESON, William, European Shift Manager, Ariston Gold Mine (Gold Coast), 23rd June 1936

Clark and Beattie were originally recommended for the Edward Medal but this was changed to the E.G.M., as their heroic action was to recover the body of a dead miner who had been buried whilst digging for coal in a surface mine waste tip. This tragic incident occurred during the miner's strike

POSTSCRIPT - 21st January 2001

The following detail was received from Richard Clark, grandson of Joseph, and updates the text above. The whereabouts of Joseph Clark's George Cross is not known but Richard would welcome any information which would help him to trace it.

"Joseph Clark and John Beattie played principal parts in rescuing Herbert Owens from Trimdon Grange pit heap on 26th November 1926. Owens and around twelve other men had been digging for coal during the miners strike when a tunnel they had dug collapsed trapping Owens. Owens was still alive if only barely when he was dragged out after around ten hours of digging, he was badly burned and he lost a leg and he eventually died from his injuries sometime later.

Clark and Beattie were both awarded the Empire Gallantry Medal for their part in the rescue which they received at Buckingham Palace on 5th May 1927. When King George commissioned the George Cross in 1940 any recipients of the EGM could exchange them for a George Cross. In 1941 Joseph Clark went back to London to collect his and John Beattie's G.C."

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