Miners lamps

A selection of my own miners lamps and lamp information.

E. Thomas and Williams Cambrian "Midget" lamp. This lamp was given to a family member by Arthur Bernard Clifford with the provenance that it was the very lamp that caused an explosion resulting in the death of mine deputy Arthur Griffiths, at the Bedwas Colliery, Monmouthshire, on 10 October 1952.

At the subsequent inquiry it was deemed that a slight fault with this type of re-lighter lamp caused the explosion and the H.M Divisional Inspector of Mines, T. A. Jones, OBE, made the following recommendations:-

    1. Efforts to devise an efficient and safe re-lighter device which does not produce or project particles of incendive material should be intensified so that the use of the pyrophor relighter for flame safety lamps can be dispensed with;

    2. The few remaining miniature types of internal relighter falme safety lamps should be withdrawn from use as soon as replacements can be provided;

    3. It should be made illegal for an internal relighter flame safety lamp to be issued to, or used by, any person who is not fully qualified to be appointed as a deputy.

Protector Lamp and Lighting Company, Eccles, Type BL.