A brief history of Mines Rescue in the UK
Much has been written about coal mining, it's effect on the health and welfare of individual miners and their families and, in recent years, the story of conflict with subsequent governments. What is less w
ell documented is the history of the Mines
Rescue Teams involved in many of the tragic disasters which were, sadly, all too common. In these few pages I hope to begin to rectify this omission. I am also compiling a book which will go into greater detail but, in the meantime I would use this medium to impart a taste of what is to come and invite you to contribute, criticise (constructively) or even correct me where you feel errors have been stated. 
Visitors to the site will find much material relating to individual 'heroes' and pit disasters. The site is not large enough to contain detail of every disaster but more information can be obtained by visiting the 'links' page.
A full listing of awards of Albert, Edward and Empire Gallantry medals is included (for deeds relating to mining only), together with information relating to the George Medal, George Cross and the Order of Industrial Heroism.
I am happy to carry out simple searches of my records to provide more information for any of the named individuals. 
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