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100 Year of the Mines Rescue Service - Rhondda Covers period 1912-2012 Malcolm Davies 2018 
Accident at Knockshinnoch Castle Colliery, 07 Sept 1950, Offical Report  Sir Andrew Bryan 1951 
A Century of Struggle  National Union of Mineworkers 1989 
A Few Recollections of an old Lambeth Factory and its Vicinity Extract detailing TRENCH WARFARE - Notes on Rescue Work in the Second Army Area of the Western Front 1915-1918 (Facsimile copy) Robert Henry Davies (Extract written by A B Clifford) 1959 
A History of Coal Mining in Great Britain Reprint from original dated 1882 Robert L Galloway 1969 
A Manual on Mines Rescue, Safety and Gas Detection New South Wales, Australia J Strang & P MacKenzie-Wood 1985 
A Pitman's Notebook The Diary of Edward Smith. Houghton Colliery Viewer 1749 T Robertson 1970 
Auchengeich Colliery Disaster (1959), A Brief Summary of the court of enquiry  Scottish Area NUM 1959 
Birdsong Fictional account of Offensive Tunnelling in France Sebastian Faulks 1994 
Black Avalanche An account of the 1950 disaster at Knockshinnoch Castle Arthur & Mary Sellwood 1960 
Blood on Coal The 1926 General Strike and Miners' Lockout in the Forest of Dean Ralph Anstis 1999 
Blood on the Coal A History of Woodhorn Colliery Mike Kirkup  
Breathing Apparatus and other Industrial Safety Appliances  Siebe, Gorman & Co  
Breathing in Irrespirable Atmospheres  Robert H Davis 1948 
Brief history of colliery rescue work in the Rhondda Valley, A Typewritten document Owen V Reynolds 1948 
British Coalmining Industry  NCB  
British Orders, Decorations and Medals  Donald Hall 1973 
Clay Cross Calamaties  Terry Judge 1994 
Coal Mine Disasters in the Modern Era c. 1900-1980  Brian Elliott 2017 
Coal Miner Digger Hunter Valley (Australia) Coal Miners at The Great War David H. Dial 2001 
Coalmining A Handbook of the History of Coalmining Gallery Salford Museum of Mining Geoff Preece 1981 
Coal Mining  Geoffrey Hayes 2000 
Coal Mining, An Elementary Text Book, 20th Edition  Robert Peel & Daniel Burns 1921 
Coal Mining, An Elementary Text Book, 2nd Edition  Robert Peel 1894 
Coal Mining A Technological Chronology 1700 - 1950  Alan Hill 1991 
Colliery Explosions and Recovery Work A text book for candidates for the First Class Managers and Under-managers certificates JW Whitaker 1927 
Colliery Guardian  Colliery Guardian 1955 
Colliery Guardian  Colliery Guardian 1966 
Disaster at Tynewydd, 2nd Edition An account of a Rhondda mine disaster in 1877 Ken Llewellyn 1992 
Disasters Book detailing many great disasters but includes reference to Barnsley, 1866 Tim Healey 1978 
Draeger's Rescue Apparatus catalogue  Draegerwerk, Lubeck 1909 
Drager Company brochure and history Drager 2010 
Dragons can be Defeated A complete record of the George Medal's progress from 1940 to 1983 D. V. Henderson 1984 
Duty is ours (Events are Gods)  Eric J Sharrod 1995 
Education, Training and Rescue in the Cannock Chase Coalfield  J Sunley & M Davies 2006 
Emergency Preparedness and Mines Rescue  Mines Rescue Board, NSW 1998 
Explosion at Bedwas Colliery, Monmouthshire Facsimile copy - Report on the causes of and circumstances etc.10 October 1952 T.A.Jones, H M Inspector of Mines 1953 
Extinguishing an Oil-Well fire in Mexico, and the part played therein by self-contained breathing-apparatus Transactions IME, Vol LXIII 1921-1922, (Facsimile copy) Arthur Bernard Clifford 1922 
Fatal Accident in the South Wales Coalfield  Ray lawrence  
Firedamp - How it can be detected and measured by means of the Flame Safety Lamp HMSO, Mines Department booklet HMSO 1936 
First Aid in Coal Mines, 3rd Edition  St John Ambulance Assoc  
First Report of the Mine Rescue Apparatus Reseach Committee  W Walker, H Briggs & J Haldane 1918 
Great Pit Disasters Great Britain to the Present Day Helen & Baron Duckham 1973 
Gresford. The anatomy of a disaster  Stanley Williamson 1999 
Handbook for Mining Students, Vol. 1, 3rd Edition  Science of Art & Mining  
Handbook of Instructions for using the Novox Resuscitation Apparatus  Siebe, Gorman & Co  
Handbook of Instructions for using the Novox Resuscitation Apparatus  Siebe, Gorman & Co  
Heroic Endeavour A complete register of the Albert, Edward and Empiure Gallantry medals and how they were won D. V. Henderson 1988 
Instructions for use, care and maintenance of The Proto (two hour, Mark IV)  Siebe, Gorman & Co  
Instructions for use, care and maintenance of The Salvus (half hour, Mark VI)  Siebe, Gorman & Co  
Knockshinnoch. The Greatest Mines Rescue in History  Ian McMurdo 2016 
Law relating to Safety & Health, The (Vol 1 - Mines of Coal)  HMSO  
Lest We Forget A tribute to the miners and their families Fred Leigh 1994 
Life Saving Awards Research Society Journal, The (No. 34, September 1998)  LSARS 1998 
Medal News Yearbook  James Mcakay 1996 
Member for Mexico A biography of Weetman Pearsonm first Viscount Cowdray Desmond Young 1966 
Military Mining 1914-19  Roayl Engineers, Chatham 2004 
Mine Gases and Gas Testing For underground officials and workmen, including an account of colliery explosions… JW McTrusty 1913 
Mine Rescue and First Aid  J W Waltham 1934 
Mine Rescue Work and Organization  HF Bulman and FP Mills 1921 
Mines Rescue - Privatisation to Privatisation: The Full Circle Facsimile copy - Article in Mining Technology, Vol 78 B Langdon and G C Harris 1996 
Mines Rescue Work  R McAdam 1955 
Mines, Safety and Rescue in the Somerset Coalfield  Five Arches 2002 
Mining, An International History  John Temple 1972 
Mining Law and Mine Management A text book for candidates for the First Class Managers and Under-managers certificates Alexander Watson 1927 
Mining Memories A portrait of the collieries of North Staffordshire Fred Leigh 1992 
Most Splendid of Men Life in a Mining Community 1917-25 - Autobiography Harold Brown 1981 
Most Valiant of Men A short history of the North Staffordshire Mines Rescue Service (with signed dedication) Fred Leigh 1993 
North Derbyshire Collieries on old picture postcards  Alan Bower 2001 
Notes on recent experience in the practical use of rescue apparatus  Sgt Arthur T Winborn 1908 
Nottingham Collieries on old picture postcards  Angela Franks 2000 
Nottinghamshire Miners' Tales  Angela Franks 2001 
One hundred questions and Answers about Coal  Philip Gee (Publisher) 1939 
People at Work - The Miner Ladybird Easy Reading book I & J Havenhand 1965 
Pit Fiction Robert Lait 1969 
Pit Ponies Reprint and revised from 2008 Mike Kirkup 2016 
Pits & Pitmen of Bransley  Brian Elliott 2001 
Pit-Yacker  George Hitchin 1962 
Practical Coal Mining for Miners, Volume 1, Second Edition  E. Mason 1951 
Pti-Talk A Survey of terms used by Miners in the South Midlands W Forster 1970 
Report of H.M. Inspector of Mines, 2 - Northern Division - 1936  T Greenland Davies 1937 
Report of H.M. Inspector of Mines, 4 - North Midland Division - 1936  JR Felton 1937 
Report on the Explosion at Easington Colliery 29 May 1951  HCW Roberts CBE., MC 1952 
Report on the Explosion at the Hartley Bank Colliery, 23 May 1924  Henry Walker. CBE 1925 
Rescue Man's Manual  Arthur B Clifford 1922 
Rescue Man's Manual, 2nd Edition  Arthur B Clifford 1922 
Rescue & Recovery Bulletin (Facsimile copy)  Siebe, Gorman & Co 1916 
Rescue & Recovery Bulletin (original)  Siebe, Gorman & Co 1913 
Rescue Station Organization  Henry Briggs 1915 
Ribbons and Medals  Cpt H Taprell Dorling DSO., RN 1940 
Rules for Recovering Coal Mines after Explosions and Fires, 2nd Edition  WE Garforth 1918 
Second Report of the Mine Rescue Apparatus Reseach Committee  W Walker, H Briggs & J Haldane 1920 
South Yorks Area Emergency Scheme for Collieries  NCB 1975 
South Yorkshire Collieries on old picture postcards  Norman Ellis 1999 
South Yorkshire Mining Disasters. Vol. 1, The Nineteenth Century  Brian Elliott 2018 
South Yorkshire Mining Disasters. Vol. 2, The Twentieth Century  Brian Elliott 2019 
South Yorkshire Pits  Warwick Taylor 2001 
Suggestions for the Organization of Colliery Rescue-Brigades Transactions of the IME, Vol 37, 1908 (Facsimile copy) Sergeant Arthur T Winborn 1908 
The 1908 Mining Disaster at Hamstead Colliery Booklet produced to commemorate the centenary of the disaaster Anthony Lewis 2008 
The Day the Earth Trembled Account of an amazing escape… by 14 miners at Barnborough Main Colliery 24 April 1942 Frank Vernon 1989 
The Deah Pit The Story of the West Stanley Colliery Explosion 1909 Eric Forster 1969 
The Durham Miners 1919-1960  W R Garside 1971 
The Edward Medal Citations for Bravery in the Mining Industry (Private publication) Malcolm Kitchen 1996 
The First Rescue Station The development of a mine rescue organization on the northern district coalfields of NS Wales Rhonda Geale 1989 
The Hardest work under heaven The Life & Death of the British Coal Miner Michael Pollard 1984 
The Hartley Colliery Disaster 1862  John Elliott McCutcheon 1963 
The History and development of the mines rescue service in Britain Reprint from Colliery Guardian Annual Review August 1975 J Blunt, General Manager of Rescue Stations, NCB 1975 
The Maypole Diary of a Colliery Disaster John Hannavy and Roy Lewis 1983 
The Miners  Anthony Burton 1976 
The Miners in Crisis and War  R Page Arnot 1961 
The Order of Industrial Heroism Records of the recipients of the Order of Industrilal Heroism WH Fevyer, JW Wilson & JE Cribb 2000 
The Register of the George Cross, (2nd Edition)  BPCC Wheatons (Publisher) 1990 
These Poor Hands The Autobiography of a Miner working in South Wales BL Coombes 1939 
The Shotfirer's Manual  E Hart 1936 
The South Staffordshire Coalfield  Nigel A Chapman 2005 
The Staffordshire Coal Industry Reprint of The Victoria History if the County of Stafford (1967) A J Taylor 1981 
The Support of the Roof at the Coalface (second edition)  National Coal Board 1952 
The Tunnellers Fiction Raymond Hitchcock 1986 
The Valley of the Shadow An account of Britain's worst mining disaster: The Senghenydd Explosion John H Brown 2009 
The Wigan Coalfield  Alan Davis 2001 
Third & Final Report of the Mine Rescue Apparatus Reseach Committee  W Walker, H Briggs & J Haldane 1924 
Thunder Underground, Northumberland Mine Disasters 1815-1865  Roy Thompson 2004 
Training of Officer and Men of the Tunnelling Companiesof the RE…  GFF Eagar 1920 
Transactions fo the Federated Institution of Mining Engineers Vol LVIII  Percy Strzelecki (edited by) 1920 
Transactions of Scottish Mining Students Federation, Vol 1, 1930-1931  Scottish Mining Students Federation 1931 
Troubled Collieries  Bernard McCormick 2002 
Tunnellers (reprint) The story of the tunnelling companies, Royal Engineers, during the World War Cpt W Grant Grieve & Bernard Newman 1936 
Victorian Hamstead - Its People, Its Colliery  Rodger Clive Meachem 1988 
War Underground  Alexander Barrie 1981 
Weetman Pearson, First Viscount Cowdray  JA Spender 1930 
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