The Order of Industrial Heroism

In recognising the need to acknowledge the individual examples of heroism, carried out by the ordinary workers of the factory, mine, quarry, railway, shipping etc., The Daily Herald, being the 'self proclaimed organ of the working classes', instigated the Order of Industrial Heroism.

In the form of a medal the award was designed by Eric Gill and this became known as 'The Workers VC'. In all over 400 medals were awarded before the demise of the Daily Herald signalled the end of the Order.

The publication "The Order of Industrial Heroism" by W. H. Fevyer, J. W. Wilson and J. E. Cribb, published in 2000 by The Orders & Medals Research Society, catalogues the history of this award together with details of all of the events which warranted it being given.

For a full review of the book, go to the Life Saving Awards Research Society (LSARS) page.

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