Useful Websites for APWH or regular World History Teachers

General World History sites  - College Board website, log in and look around.  Teacher Resources tab includes good bibliography and reviews of resources. Stuff that can be purchased is at the CB store. 

•    Click the menu tabs at the top of the screen for links to “Institutes and Workshops” and to “Teachers’ Resources,” which provides an invaluable annotated bibliography, containing full reviews of all types of materials, from print to multimedia. 

•    Under “Exam Information” see copies of the essay questions (and sample student responses) from previous examinations since 2002 and the current version of the Course Description. -  Useful for information on upcoming conferences - competitions and to join H-World. - access (subscription) to JWH articles, but can also read abstracts

The WHA’s online journal aimed at World History teachers.  Also many great articles with lesson ideas and reviews of books that would be useful in any world history classroom. Including articles on environmental history and articles aimed at teachers about skills, etc.

World History for Us All - free world history curriculum, lessons, units and panoramic PowerPoint presentations (downloadable), also has History of the World in Seven Minutes - home of Bridging World History  - 26 thematic units (e.g. Global Industrialization, Food, Demographics, Culture) with professors speaking about the subject.  Works with United Streaming videos, or just hear the program (no visual) from web, also has selected journal articles, and more than 1,000 primary sources (documents and visuals), as well as an audio glossary for those hard-to-pronounce names and terms. - Many great links to web sites with lesson idea, opportunities for educators, virtual field trips, etc.

British Museum's Ancient Civilizations Website   - great websites with a lot of specific information, highly visual, many themes including technology! 
- This is mostly a catalog of relevant sites in the humanities, but it also includes some lesson plans that AP World History teachers might find useful. - apply often for these fabulous chances! 

Online Videos useful for AP World History Classes

Conflict map

Imperial conquests in Middle East

Authentic History - US focused, visuals and audio clips of music and speeches

Bayeux Tapestry

Useful Websites for Primary Resources (including visuals and data!)

General  - many documents in the Internet History Sourcebook, from different regions and time periods great history site, with searchable databases - many world history sources, tips on teaching about analyzing different forms of evidence - women in world history, modules and websites, and more! - primary sources from the eighteenth to twenty-first centuries in law and diplomacy, as well as all legal sources originally in English. - British library’s primary sources!

Maps - more about US history, but has some nice primary source documents, lesson plans, interactive maps, census data, etc. - can create maps from US census data using GIS tools  - variety of formats of historical content

D-Maps - 

Timelines for World History - a lot of Big History stuff not useful for this course, but the last four are useful

Art - fabulous resource for an up close look at art!  - From the folks that brought you Bridging World History - this series helps connect art to global themes.  - mother load of art images, largely Western, but decent world images too - great art history resource - CSU’s IMAGE Project – 60,000 searchable global images, free for educational use.

             Great for a lot of art history, also resources to buy.
 - timeline


Great Virtual Field Trip Resources - walk around

French cave art

Walk around Ancient Rome - look around

Marco Polo’s trips

Machu Picchu Walk Through

Suleymaniye Mosque - Virtual Walking Tour 

World Wonders Walk Through courtesy of Google Maps Street View

Taj Mahal virtual tour

St. Paul’s virtual tour 

  Ruins of an Ancient Shona city in present day South Africa

Zamani Project's Panorama shot of famous African sites including Lalibela, Kilwa, Great Zimbabwe, etc.

Trade and other Exchanges:

 Content Specific Resources

Middle East / Southwest Asia

East Asia - great source on information on East Asia - has some great lesson plans and information on Asia.

North America - US heavy, but some world too

Latin America

Africa - African timelines
Arabic contributions to Science

1001 Inventions of the Muslim World

Teaching Units on Arab Studies

Period 1 (to 600 BCE)

Period 2 (600 BCE - 600 CE)

Lost Empires on Easter Island, Rome, China, Egypt and Medieval Europe

Understanding Buddhist imagery

Period 3 (600-1450 CE)

Song Dynasty

Mayan Calendar


Quipu/Khipu - project to crack the code

Mesoamerica -

Period 4 (1450-1750 CE)

Period 5 (1750-1900 CE)

Duke's digital library on Haiti

Stanford's archive on the French Revolution

Imperialism from casa historia

Period 6 (1900 - present)

Migration Policy 

Council on Foreign Relations site on immigration and other issues

Timeline on the War in Syria

Other General Resources (including other disciplines)  - CNN Millennium Site (while supplies last – download what you can!) - Genographic Project’s Globe of Human history – fabulous! - Smithsonian does history, can search for topics - National Geographic does history - Bulliet’s online pronunciation guide.
 - APWH Museum - religions, but now being moved, archived at:

Publications (free or not) - Saudi Aramco World publications (free) - back issues
  - list of AHA’s publications related to World History  - Council of Islamic Education teaching modules
 - Brown’s choices program with great info on modern conflicts (some free) and historical ones (not free).
 - Stanford’s publications - National Center for History in the Schools

Markus Weiner - some publications about harder to find topics

Interact - simulations in world history, including historical trials and computer simulations

Center for Learning -publishers of online and print lessons focusing on skills (are working on APWH skills, but have some already for World History and also have APUSH and AP Euro materials
 - Smithsonian does history - National Geographic does history - The History Teacher – sometimes useful major vendor, some stuff for World History, including DBQ publication - more US and European, but some world too

Fun links - geography review - topography/geography game - trading game - Vikings game - sometimes works and is neat - play Mayan ball game! - Various games from the era. 
- No actual login is required. - Medieval women - not a lot of action
 - yarn games!

Interactive online activities for history This site may be better for 9th graders. It is an interactive site that

requires a fee, but some of their lessons are available for free.

Music Sources - A little Starbuckish but still a good source Folkways recordings - individual tracks available!

Relevant Videos

Tech Resources    - great resource for bibliographies and search engines - means to download and save videos; will keep youtube videos on flash drive and even if they are broken, taken down, etc. those videos will not change - converts documents to other formats  This is a free online assessment tool. I put my multiple choice section of my final on here and it was great! - online presentation maker  Educational twitter  Kind of twitter meets pinterest (bulletin board)  Helpful for finding creative commons images, especially for student projects. - Kathy Schrock Guide, "Sketch Noting," a help for students who have trouble reading or do not like to read. - Remind-safe way to message students and keep parents aware
Schoology like google classroom.
Side by Side app-can open two websites side by side. - pdf to word-can then edit the new word doc. (Adobe Pro also can do this) - has an app, somewhat like Socrative.  Teachers and students like Kahoot better. - Infographics creating sites for students and teachers:   
Flick - easy way to share documents
Poll everywhere and iclicker- real time student digital feedback. -adjusts reading text level for students, etc.- articles, short passages choose lexile level or weebly - Make websites, (site may try to trick you into paying but do NOT, it is free.)
google sites are limiting and not as good my participants claimed; some feel weebly is better.

photostory3 - produce "digital stories" or "photo stories" will need mic and computer.
StepmapStudents create maps.
Zip grade- a (paid) app that generates a scantron form and grades it when you take a pic of it on your phone - you can produce videos with interactive elements such as on-screen quizzes. It will keep track of individual student performance. Great for flipping classroom. 
Tube chop- allows you to cut a section out of a larger youtube video and play it as a separate video
emaze- for producing visual online presentations

iCharts - great looking charts - visualize data

Dipity - free digital timeline

StatSilk - data analysis

Timeline JS - timelines from different sources

Other infographic tools reviewed at 

Flashcard websites

Summer opportunities for travel/Study for Teachers

Also, I'm doing some summer institutes in the summer of 2012.