College/Career Search

Preparing for Applying for College:
  • College Board also has fabulous materials, including a recommended schedule for juniors and seniors (and even sophomores and freshmen)
  • Taking tests - look at the sample questions SATs and ACTs offer on their sites and see in which you think you would do better or which you enjoyed more.  Juniors - consider taking an SAT in early spring like March or April (avoid May if you are taking APs).  Juniors you have looked at some schools, figure out if any want you to have SAT IIs and take those in June (if you are taking APs, take the SAT IIs in those subjects unless you have other requirements to meet).
  • Preparing for the  SATs/ACTs
Internships/Summer Program  - Information on whether to try for a  program (not necessary for getting into college) and a list of possible programs

General information on Colleges