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Recommended books:

For all girls, or fathers of girls: 

Boys Will Put You on a Pedestal (So They Can Look Up Your Skirt): A Dad's Advice for Daughters

Other good reads: 

Life by Keith Richards, yes there are drugs and rock and roll, but also quite a bit of social and cultural and even historical information.

Books for Book lovers: The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin. Also AUnnecessary Woman by Rabih Alameddine.

Am also enjoying books by Stephen King, Graeme Simsion, Carsten Stroud and Gail Carriger and all sorts of books on Art Historical fiction!

Favorite mystery author:  Laurie R. King and Val McDermid.  Favorite non-fiction authors - Eric Larson

Recommended Music:

Pink Martini

Current favorite songs: Sugar Daddy  by Neil Patrick Harris

Cover band:   Gonzo's Nose.

Recommended Chocolate:

Divine - Fabulous milk chocolate (haven't really tried their dark).

Gail Ambrosius - fabulous dark chocolates with exotic flavorings.

Weather humor:

Compare and Contrast: Views on Bitter Cold

Hello all,

Teaching 3 sections of APWH next year and Comparative Religions first semester and second semester 2 sections of APWH and 2 On-level US History.  
Still have not conquered - Pate de canard en croute (Boned stuffed duck baked in a pastry crust). Hope to bake more bread soon.  Though frankly these days not inspired to cook fancy but to cook smart.

Hello all

Why I don't use Facebook or MySpace, etc. (I am a history teacher, I know for some of you MySpace sounds anachronistic, but it was a contender at one point).  If the link doesn't work, here is the actual Washington Post article

Here is another article on what the sites you use know about you 

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Also my the classes that I am no longer teaching, but which still hold a place in my heart:

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Mrs. Bond-Lamberty's NSL Website

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NATIONAL HISTORY DAY (thought would mentor a person/group is desired)

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