How to enable airprint on a printer using ubuntu linux

Steps include print sharing for windows and Mac IO 6 via Airprint.

Was tested on Ubuntu version 12.04.










On Ubuntu share & enable printer

Go to system settings > Printing.

Right click on printer's icon and choose Properties.

In the Policies Tab. Enable all three check boxes: Enabled, Accepting Jobs, Shared.

On Ubuntu do the following "printing server settings"

Go to system settings > Printing.

On menu choose Server > Settings.

Enable "Publish shared printers connected to this system"

Enable "Allow printing from the internet"

Enable "Allow users to cancel any job (not just their own) - Not sure if this is necessary.

All other check boxes disabled.

On windows client add printer

Add a network printer with port that looks like this:


;see attached image for example

Printing from windows should work now.

The next steps is if you want to be able to print via iphone / ipad (Mac IO 6) using Airprint.

For Airprint to work do following on Ubuntu 12.04

you need to create 2 files under


File 1 named airprint.types with content below:

more airprint.types


# "$Id: $"


# AirPrint type

image/urf urf string(0,UNIRAST<00>)


# End of "$Id: $".


file2 named airprint.convs with content below:

more airprint.convs


# "$Id: $"


# AirPrint

# Updated list with minimal set 25 Sept

image/urf application/pdf 100 pdftoraster


# End of "$Id: $".


Restart cups

sudo service cups restart

With attached file do following:

Copy it to your Home folder on Ubuntu machine.

Do the following in a terminal window



Service Files are generated in home folder.

Copy them with following command:

sudo cp *service /etc/avahi/services

Restart avahi with following command:

sudo service avahi-daemon restart

Airprint should work now.

These steps worked with an IPAD running Mac IOS version 6.