How to Backup Microsoft Office 2013 Activation

How to backup and restore Office 2013/2016 activation

Once you successfully activate Office 2016, the activation info is stored on your local disk. However, system restallation or some other actions will wipe the activation info. Hence, you can backup the activation in advance so that you can simply restore it after you reinstall Office 2016, which can save you the bother of reactivation.

Section 1. To backup Office 2016 activation on Windows 10/8, just go to C:\Windows\System32\spp, and then copy and paste the store folder into a safe place.

backup the store folder

Section 2. To restore the activation, do as follows

Step 1: Make sure Office 2016 is installed. Close all open Office 2016 document.

Step 2: Open Command Prompt as administrator. Type net stop sppsvc and hit Enter to stop the Software Protection Platform service.

Step 3: Replace the original store folder with the backup store folder.

Step 4: Open Command Prompt as administrator.Type net start sppsvc and hit Enter to start the Software Protection Platform service.

Step 5: Open Office 2016 app, and it can be automatically activated.


1. The activation files only can be restored on the same computer.

2. Windows system installed on the computer should has been activated.