Wednesday, September 12, 2007 9:05 AM
What is faith concerning
which it is said,

"By grace you are saved,
through faith" ?

Faith is the simplest of all things,
and perhaps because of its simplicity
it is the more difficult to explain.

It is made up of three things —
knowledge, belief, and trust.
Knowledge comes first.

"How shall they believe in Him
of whom they have not heard?"
It is vitally important
to want to be
informed of a fact
before believing it.

"Faith comes by hearing"

We must first hear,
in order that we may know
what is to be believed. 

Search the Scriptures and learn
what the Holy Spirit teaches
concerning Christ and His salvation.

Seek to know God:

"For he that comes to God
must believe that He is,
and that he is a rewarder
of them that diligently seek Him."
Know the gospel:
Know what the good news is,
how it talks of forgiveness,
and of change of heart,
of adoption into the family of God,
and of His amazing work.

"For the kingdom of God
is not a matter of talk
but of power."

Know especially Christ Jesus
the Son of God.

This is the lifelong adventure
of sensitizing ourselves
to the invisible presence of Jesus.
"Oh that we might
know the Lord,
let us press on
to know Him,

then He will
respond to us

as surely as the coming
of the dawn

or the coming rains
in early spring."

Endeavor especially to know
the sacrifice of Christ:

"God was in Christ,
reconciling the world
unto himself,

not imputing
their trespasses

unto them."

The soul believes
that God is,
and that He hears
the cries of sincere hearts;
that the gospel is from God;
that justification by faith
is the unchanging truth
which God has revealed by His Spirit.
Then the heart believes
that the Lord Jesus is,
and truly our God and Saviour,
the Redeemer of men
and King of His people.  

"The blood of Jesus Christ,
God's dear Son,
cleanses us from all sin"

His sacrifice is complete
and fully accepted
of God on man's behalf,
so that in truth,
he that believes in Jesus
is not condemned.

Believe the witness of God

just as you believe the testimony
of your own father or friend.

"If we receive
the witness of men,

the witness of God is greater."

Commit yourself to God,
the one that was and is
and is to come;
rest your hope on
the gracious gospel;
let your sins be washed away
in His atoning blood;
accept His perfect righteousness.

Faith is not a blind thing
for faith begins with knowledge.
It is not a speculative thing;
for faith believes facts
of which it is sure.
It is not an unpractical,
for faith trusts,
and stakes its destiny
upon the truth of revelation.

The Lord's records tell us:

"He rose from the dead,"
"He ever lives
to make intercession for us"

He will shortly come again
and we will be judged as He says,

"He that rejects me,
and receives not my words,
has one that judges him:
the word that I have spoken,
the same shall judge him
in the last day."

If we are honest with ourselves
we know we need forgiveness.

We must receive Him,

"Yet to all who received Him,
to those who
believed in His name,
He gave the right
to become children of God"

He will be what He says He is,
and He is the way, truth, and life.

Whatever our dangers
and difficulties,
whatever our darkness
and depression,
whatever our infirmities and sins,
those who truly believe
in the Lord
are not condemned,
and shall never
come into condemnation.
They are truly free.