Help and Support

Who is your go-to person in school when you need help?

Is it a favorite teacher, the assistant principal, the dean, the guidance counselor, the safety agent, the nurse, the parent coordinator, a school aide, a paraprofessional, or a secretary? You may have more than one go-to person depending on what you need. When in doubt, see the dean, the guidance counselor, or the assistant principal. They are trained to support students with most of the matters listed below.

Feeling ill

If you're not feeling well (i.e., you're sick or injured) and need medical attention, you may need to see Nurse Genna in room 214. As a general rule, remember to get a pass from your teacher before going to the nurse. Sometimes you may have a real emergency and won't be able to get a pass first. The nurse will contact your parent or guardian and a school administrator for serious situations.

Having trouble with another student

If you aren't getting along with one or more students, you should go to your grade dean right away for help resolving any problems you may have. You can share the details with the dean who can help determine the best course of action to make things better. The dean's role is to support students who may have a conflict or a potential conflict with other people so things do not get worse.

Facing challenges at home

When problems are related issues at home, your guidance counselor is usually the to go to for assistance. Describe the situation. Counselors are trained to help with matters dealing with family life. The important thing is to share with your counselor right away. Do not wait.

Need an adult to talk to

Sometimes you just need an adult with life experience to talk to in school. You may have personal, private feelings and questions. Friends you age may not be the people who can really support you, so consider your guidance counselor.

Difficulty getting to school on time

You are expected to come to school on time every day. Students who come to school every day and on time usually do well in all their courses. If you are late to school often, the dean and guidance counselor can help you improve.

Struggling with school work

If you are finding it difficult to do well in one or more of your classes, talk to your teachers about it. Often, they can help you come up with a game plan to help you do better. They can help identify specifically what you may need to work on to help you improve in order to be more successful in class and keep your grades up.