The Building

1917: P.S. 93 opened as an elementary school serving grades 1 to 8 and could accommodate about 1,100 students. The school was built on what used to be a local apple orchard.

1961: P.S. 93 became J.H.S. 93 (Junior High School 93), serving grades 7, 8, and 9. A cafeteria, a music room, a band room, and a gymnasium were added to the building. With these additions, the school lost half of the original school yard.

1998: A three-story modular unit opened to accommodate a rapidly increasing student population of more than 1,600. This unit, commonly referred to today as the “new wing,” replaced what remained of the original school yard. J.H.S. 93 became I.S.93 (Intermediate School 93) and referred to as a middle school serving grades 6, 7, and 8.

2018: Construction begins to make I.S. 93 fully accessible (ADA compliant), which will include an elevator.

Changing Demographics

I.S. 93 opened its doors in September of 1917. There were only 35 graduates in its first year of operation. Since its beginning, I.S. 93 has served the local community, which has always included many immigrants coming to the U.S. for a better life. Through the mid-20th century, most immigrants were white of European origin - predominantly Ireland, Germany and Italy. Around the 50's and 60's, Romanians, Serbians, and Puerto Ricans made their homes in Ridgewood. During the years of integration/desegregation, African American students were bussed to I.S. 93 from the Corona area and represented about 5% of the student body. From 1980 to present day, many I.S. 93 students have come from Poland, China, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic. Our current demographics snapshot shows 71% of our students are Hispanic or Latino, 10% are Asian, 17% are white, and 1% are Black or African American. Read more about historical information on Ridgewood, Queens.

The Principals

  1. Thomas Donahue 1917-1928 11 years

  2. Stuart Wilson 1928-1932 03 years

  3. Alexander Goldstein 1932-1951 19 years

  4. George Cassidy 1951-1960 09 years

  5. Joseph Downey 1960-1962 02 years

  6. Irving Berchuck* 1962-1968 06 years

  7. George Salant 1968-1982 14 years

  8. Joseph Quinn* 1982-1983 01 year

  9. Allen Formichella 1983-1992 09 years

  10. Catherine Powis* 1992-2000 08 years

  11. George Foley 2000-2007 07 years

  12. Edward Santos 2007-Present

*Became District 24 superintendents

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portrait of a man in a suit

Alexander Goldstein

3rd Principal

portrait of a man in a suit

George Cassidy

4th Principal

portrait of a man in a suit

Irving Berchuck

portrait of a man in a suit

George Salant

portrait of a man in a suit

Joseph Quinn

portrait of a man in a suit

Allen Formichella

portrait of a female

Catherine Powis

portrait of a man in a suit

George Foley