Immunization Requirements

General Immunization

The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) has further extended the grace period to obtain all required vaccinations for students who have opted for fully remote learning to February 9 (from January 11). Note that for remote-only students, the February 9 deadline supersedes all previously published immunization compliance deadlines.      

By February 9, students exclusively engaged in remote learning must submit proof to their school that they have obtained all required vaccinations, if they have not already done so. Schools should email warning letters to non-compliant remote-only families by January 25, and if necessary, email exclusion letters on February 8; translated version of letters can be found on InfoHub. Remote-only students, who have not demonstrated immunization compliance by February 9, must be excluded from all remote instruction/schooling. Remote-only students who were excluded from classes on January 11, should be allowed to return to classes as soon as possible. Schools must reach out to parents to inform them of the latest NYSED decision and invite students to return to remote learning immediately. As a condition of remote learning, parents of remote-learning students must submit in writing an acknowledgement of their intention to obtain the appropriate vaccinations by February 9, for students to resume learning activities during this grace period.   

Note that this guidance does not change the requirement for all blended and in-person learning students to obtain vaccinations to attend school; this deadline extension is for remote-only students to show proof of immunization compliance