What Makes Us Special

Our school program currently includes specialized courses for Visual Arts, LEGO Robotics, Music, Stock Market, Theater Drama, and Dual Language as well as extracurricular clubs for music, cheer-leading, soccer, computer coding, CHAMPS Sports and chess. Please download an informational brochure attached to the bottle of the page that highlights our school's attributes.

  • Visual Arts talent classes are designed for the beginner to more advanced students so that they may work side by side. From 6th grade to 8th grade, students will focus upon learning the Elements of Arts and the Principles of Design while creating projects throughout the year that may include drawing, painting, collage, 2-D design, and the creation of 3 dimensional works. Students who choose to take two or three years of visual arts classes will leave with a solid foundation of art concepts and art making.
  • LEGO Robotics talent classes learn basic computer coding for LEGO Mindstorm Robots using EV3 technology. Challenge competitions range from robotic speed racing to a SUMO competition throughout the course.
  • Music talent classes explore all facets of music, from acquiring and developing instrumental, vocal, and performance skills; to creating music through composition and improvisation; to listening to and discussing music of diverse genres, eras, and cultures.
  • In the Theater Drama talent classes "all the world's a stage...and one in his time plays many parts." Mr. Biggin will be the Teacher and you will be the Star! Personal and artistic expression will inspire a lifelong love of the Performing Arts. Bravo! Now, on with the Show!
  • The I.S. 93 Music Club, which was spearheaded and co-founded by students, is a team made up of students who are particularly focused on music performance. The Music Club performs frequently, both in the school, and in the greater Ridgewood community. Recent appearances have included multiple sets at Trans-Pecos, at the Ridgewood Historical Society's Harvest Festival, and for the school's 100th Anniversary Celebration. An upcoming performance, for Crime Victims Awareness, at Queens Borough Hall, will be hosted by Queens Borough President Melinda Katz and District Attorney Richard A. Brown.
  • The Chess Club currently meets on Wednesdays after school, and hosts students from 6th, 7th, and 8th grade that are willing to learn and teach the game to each other. Chess is a mental game that is believed to improve children's focusing, visualizing, planing ahead, socializing, weighing options as well as juggling multiple considerations simultaneously. Every member is honing their skills and developing an appreciation for this intricate game to that will hopefully carry forward with them in the future.
  • The I.S. 93 Soccer Team is being coached by Mr. Yalcin, and has a current roster of 10 8th students. The team plays against other local middle schools throughout Queens and Brooklyn. Only students who have good behavior and are in good academic standings are allowed to participate on the team.
    • The CHAMPS Sports and Fitness Program is an initiative of the New York City Department of Education that promotes physical activity among children going through the critical years of middle school. The name, CHAMPS, derives from the initials of the five values that define our participants; Cooperative, Healthy, Active, Motivated, and Positive students. At I.S.93, we coach soccer in the fall, volleyball in the winter, and basketball in the spring. Practice is from 7:00-8:00am, before the school days begins, in the gymnasium. All students are invited to attend the CHAMPS program, once they have signed their permission slip, which is provided by the coach.
    • The I.S.93Q Cheerleaders are a competitive extracurricular group that include students from grades 6-8 who perform at local competitions and most I.S.93Q sporting events. All members practice weekly to learn the fundamentals of the sport including dance, tumbling, and stunts.

I.S.93Q is a historic place that has served the Ridgewood community for the past 100 years.

Please visit the Queens Ledger newspaper article link regarding our 100 year anniversary celebration and time capsule placement.