I.S. 93 Ridgewood 

E-Mail Directory

SCHOOL YEAR 2023-2024

GRADE 6 Team

Assistant Principal Ms. Gucciardino E-mail:

Guidance Counselor Ms. Diaz E-mail:

Mandated Counseling Ms. Zywko E-mail

Dean Ms. Leone-Pistone E-mail:

GRADE 7 Team

Assistant Principal Ms. Barker E-mail:

Guidance Counselor Mr. Bautista E-mail:

Mandated Counseling Ms. Zywko E-mail:

Dean Ms. Valentin E-mail:

GRADE 8 Team

Assistant Principal Mr. De Mesa        E-mail:     

Guidance Counselor Mr. Acosta E-mail:

Mandated Counseling Ms. Zywko E-mail:

Dean Mr. Nicolosi E-mail:

Respect For All Liaison

Mr. Nicolosi E-mail:

Sexual Harassment Prevention Liaison

Ms. Valentin E-mail:


Ms. Andosca    Math

Mr. Andrade, C. Social Studies

Ms. Andrade, K. Math, Social Studies

Mr. Anstotz    ESL

Ms. Aquila    Social Studies

Ms. Aquino    Science

Ms. Archer    Math

Ms. Athenas    ELA

Ms. Benik    Art

Mr. Biggin    Drama

Mr. Black    Math

Mr. Boffoli  PE and Health

Ms. Bowen    Math

Ms. Bowens Math

Mr. Brett    ELA

Ms. Cadogan    ESL

Mr. Cardino    Social Studies

Mr. Carollo    Science/STEM

Mr. Cipolla    Science

Ms. Conlon    ELA

Ms. Coppola    Science

Mr. Cusu    Math

Ms. D'Amico ELA, Science, Social Studies

Ms. Dalfino    Social Studies

Mr. Daly    Math and Stock Market

Mx. Dascola    Music

Ms. DeLaurenzo    Math

Ms. Dempsey    Science

Ms. Diaz Lombardo    Spanish

Ms. Edwards    Math

Mr. Fayad    Science

Ms. Fontana    Science

Mr. Frank    Science and Robotics

Mr. Garnier    ELA

Ms. Gaudino     Italian

Mr. Goldberg    ELA

Ms. Henry    Math

Ms. Hobler  Spanish and Science Dual Language

Mr. Innace    ELA and Math

Ms. Katz    Speech

Mr. Kamelhar   Social Studies

Ms. Keblish    Science

Mr. King    Social Studies

Ms. Leone -Pistone    Italian

Mr. Levine    Social Studies

Ms. Li    Speech

Ms. Lika    Math

Dr. Louissaint    Science and ELA

Ms. Mann    Math

Ms. Marino, D. PE and Health

Mr. Marino, S.   PE

Ms. Martinez ELA

Mr. McMillen    Math

Ms. Metaxas ELA 

Ms. Mena    Spanish and Social Studies Dual Language

Ms. Mercado    Math

Mr. Meyer    Social Studies

Ms. Mok    Math and Science

Ms. Morales    ELA

Ms. Niyazova    Science

Mr. Nofi    ELA

Mr. O’Keeffe    ELA

Mr. Olazagasti Math Dual Language

Mr. Ortiz Science Dual Language

Ms. Osman    Social Studies

Ms. Parker    ELA

Ms. Piazza    ELA 

Ms. Pizzolla     ENL

Ms. Reyes     ELA

Mr. Rieger    ELA

Ms. Rodriguez, B    ENL and Social Studies

Mr. Saguto    ELA

Ms. Sanchez Social Studies and ENL

Ms. Scheer    Social Studies

Ms. Seabrooks    Librarian

Mr. Seabury    Science

Ms. Sorensen    Social Studies

Ms. Spucces    ELA

Ms. Stravoskufis    Science

Mr. Terrero-Penn Social Studies Dual Language   

Ms. Thompson    Math

Ms. Tzach    Math

Ms. Villemain    Social Studies

Ms. Wagner    ELA

Ms. Whalen    Speech

Ms. Williams    Math

Mr. Yalcin    PE

Ms. Zmali    Math


Parent Coordinator

Pupil Accounting Secretary

Project Friend

Social Worker

Family Worker



District 75 Inclusion

Principal Edward Santos