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Deification of Science --

See page Deification of Science for a collection of materials on this topic. This video lecture is now also available on YouTube in two parts:

Islamic Economics: A New Methodology: Part I 37m

Islamic Economics: A New Methodology: Part II 53m

See also Islamic WorldView Blog Post on:

Methodological Mistakes at Heart of Modern Economics & Econometrics

This post provides some context, discusses the mistakes, and links to both video lectures on YouTube.

See also, central page on: Decline of Morality in the West, as a consequence of the deification of science.

Currently, this a lecture on methodology for Islamic Economics delivered at IRTI Distance Learning Course on 28th May 2013. I will eventually convert it to the format of the previous lectures. It makes for a very good wrap of the first nine lectures, because it explains WHY conventional methodolody for statistics is defective, and so how using an Islamic methodology can improve things.

For Supplementary Materials, see: Deification of Science and its Disastrous Consequences

Instead of watching the lectures (which would take about 90 minutes), you can also read the transcript (L10transcript.docx) and view the slides (DOS4IRTI.pptx) together. The article on which this lecture is based (DoS2.doc) also attached below.

Currently there is no OPEN OFFICE format files on this lecture, though eventually I will put one in. HOWEVER, we have two movies in WMV format (part 1 and part 2) which can be played directly using the windows movie player. These will allow students to listen to/watch the lectures directly. This lecture can be viewed online at:

Download powerpoint presentation with audio