1 Models Versus Reality

[I2SIA P2 P&S] L01 C1 - Models Versus Reality
Explaining Key features of Models and how they relate to reality -- SURPRISINGLY, there is a HUGE number of misconceptions about this in the literature. 
Lec 01: Concept 1 Explained in Following 6 Slides:  
S1:   Models SIMPLIFY reality
S2:   Models map complex reality to simple understandable structures, which allow calculations and other manipulations. 
S3:   Models as Metaphors -- Identifying two objects which are ENTIRELY different.  
S4:   The Necessity of Using Models: Even though models are ALWAYS wrong, we MUST use models to understand reality. There is no option. . 
S5:   The Dangers of Models: Models Highlight somethings IGNORE others, and generally DISTORT reality
S6:   Confusing Models with Reality

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Two Part Lecture -- Second Part deals with Models & Reality. Links to Video Lecture.  Dec 14, 2017, 8:19 PM Asad Zaman

OVERLAPS with material covered here -- some material here is NOT COVERED in video lecture, which also emphasizes some aspects mentioned only briefly here.  Dec 14, 2017, 8:21 PM Asad Zaman