The History of Whitcomb, North Caldwell & Caldwell
West Virginia

Among the pages of this site you will find an abundance of information, pictures and memories of Whitcomb, North Caldwell and Caldwell. As you flip through these pages you will peel back the pages of time looking into what my/our town looked liked over the course of the past 100+ years.

Please feel free to browse and enjoy the information and pictures provided throughout the website for people just like you.

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About the Site

Ever since I was young, I have always been interested in the history of my home town , Caldwell, WV. For the past 10+ years and counting I have been searching, digging and finding bits and pieces of information about Whitcomb, North Caldwell & Caldwell, West Virginia. During my search efforts, no where did I find a book or website with an abundance of information to pull from. This is what drove me to find out every little bit of information I could and to put it all into one place for everyone to find. With every bit of information I find, not only am I putting it on my website but also putting it into a binder book for myself and for those that would like to buy one.

All information and pictures within this site are footnoted with a source. All credit is given to the original owners.