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Oppression can only survive through silence --Carmen de Monteflores

Your overlapping identities - including the oppression you receive is your lived intersectionality - reality. 
People who do not have your identity will have a hard time understanding what it feels like to live in your reality. 

Your whole identity can be understood as a soup - You Soup.

You can reference and share this spreadsheet. Glenn Robinson is the creator of this one, inspired by the Matrix of Oppression (Matrix of Domination) created by Patricia Hill Collins, Distinguished University Professor of Sociology at the University of Maryland, College Park, USA. Learn more here.

Matrix of Oppression

Learn about the original creator of the Matrix of Oppression.

Cycle of genocide HT Dani @xodanix3
Cycle of genocide

A list of articles, videos and blogs that document systemic oppression.
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 U.S. Border 

 U.S. Military

 U.S. Police

 U.S. Civilian

U.S. Homocides
 Border Patrol abuses widespread -CNN  MSNBC U.S. News - Security  List of Cases of U.S Police Brutality by state -Wikipedia  MSNBC U.S. News - Crimes and Courts  @gundeaths
 Migrants found dead in the U.S. -No More Deaths  Soldier Suicides  When Police shoot and kill UNARMED men -Mother Jones  Hate Incidents collected by SPLC How Many People Have Been Killed by Guns Since Newtown?
       Lynchings in the West  
 PBS exposes Border Patrol torture, sexual abuse and cruelty -Censord News  Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (formerly School of the Americas)  Police Brutality and Misconduct -NY Times  Lynching Record for 1894 How Many U.S. gun deaths per day / per year?
 15th Killing by Border Patrol in 2 years -SBCC  Iraq Body Count  Police Brutality Articles -The Brown Watch  Without Sanctuary,
 only look at #38 #39, not #40
The Homocide Report -Los Angles Times
 Individual Deaths on the Border -inewsource    Taser Related Deaths -Electronic Village  Animal Abuse  Police, Guards, Vigilantes Killed 136 Unarmed African-Americans in 2012 -Daily Kos
 Border Patrol Abuse Since 2010    Pepper Spray Incidents in U.S. -CommunityVillage  Mass Shootings in America -Mother Jones  Murder Victims -FBI 
     Police Kill Unarmed Civilian -YouTube  Mass Shootings in America, timeline -Mother Jones  
     Police Shoot Handcuffed Man -YouTube  Worst Mass Shootings of the Past 50 Years -Time  
     Phantom Negro Weapons -Abagond  Mass Shootings In The US Since Columbine -Think Progress  
     Police shoot men for holding wallet -Michael Moore  260 Chicago Children Killed By Violence -Huff Post  
     Cops Out of Control -YouTube  Chicago Homicide Rate: Fatal Thursday Shooting Appears To Bring City To Murder Milestone - Huff Post  
     Report on the Extrajudicial Killing of 120 Black People -Malcolm X Grassroots Movement  U.S. Poverty Map  
     Wrongful Convictions listed on Causes  Juvenile justice and disparities information by state  
     Unarmed Black Men & Children shot by police -The Root  Stand Your Ground database Florida  
     Unarmed people shot by police -Wikipedia    
   Black Females killed by police - Bougie Black Girl  
   Killed by Police   

Laws on these topics

 Universal Declaration of Human Rights

 U.S. Military

 U.S. Civil 

 The Universal Declaration of Human Rights -United Nations  U.S. Military Law Categories -Wikipedia  Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act -Wikipedia

Major Issues | Progress -> Solutions -> Fixed

 Major Issues  Learn More  Progress Fixed
 Death Penalty  New Jim Crow  Illinois Death Penalty Abolished: Pat Quinn Signs Death Penalty Ban, Clears Death Row  
 Police Violence  Cameras  
 Racial Profiling   Cameras 
 Stop-n-Frisk  New Jim Crow  NYC stop-and-frisk policy violates constitutional rights, federal judge rules  
 War on Drugs  New Jim Crow  Holder seeks to avert mandatory minimum sentences for some low-level drug offenders
Victory: California Takes Significant Step Toward Ending Mass Incarceration and War on Drugs
 Prison Industrial Complex  New Jim Crow    
 Military Industrial Complex      
 Immigrant Rights  Community Village  New ICE policy limits separation of parents and children  
 Gun Crime     Deaths Since Sandy Hook Deval Patrick Signs Overhaul Of Massachusetts Gun Laws 
 Japanese Internment  From Wrong To Right: A U.S. Apology For Japanese Internment  Reparations for Internment
 Miscegenation Rights  Mixed Race Studies  Perez v. Sharp (1948) legalized interracial marriage in California  The Love Story That Made Marriage a Fundamental Right
 Enslavement of Africans  Emancipation Proclamation, Apology from House 2008, Apology from Senate 2009 


"Self esteem and oppression are inextricably linked." -Dr. Ness on Mixed Race Radio

Anti-Oppression Resources

The SOA Watch page contains a number of articles related to different forms of oppression, sorted in the categories race, class, gender, abelism, antisemitism, and ageism, as well as a small sampling of audio recordings on the issues.

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