This is a welcome page from The Friends of Jewish Dokshitsy for people who may be attending the 2014 Scarsdale reunion. See the invitation. We are grateful to Janice and Ira Starr for making this event possible.

The Friends of Jewish Dokshitsy, Inc.(FOJD), a Massachusetts non-profit organization, was created to preserve the memory of the Jewish residents of Dokshitsy (Dokshitz in Yiddish), Parafianov, and nearby villages. Our home page is at Join our Facebook group.

Our past activities have included assisting the Dokshitsy District to restore the Jewish cemetery in Dokshitz and making sure that the site of the Holocaust in Dokshitz, where as many as 5000 people were killed and their bodies are buried in a mass grave, had an appropriate monument. Future activities may include restoring a second cemetery in Dokshitz, and making sure holocaust sites in nearby Parfianov and Bgomel are safeguarded and appropriately marked. Much of our effort also goes to education and outreach to preserve the memory of the Jewish communities in the Dokshitz area. This has included a shtetl reunion in 2010 attended by seventy people.

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