photo and video

  • Trip to Dokshitsy, Belarus - May 2008 a video by Mark Izeman. The video includes the Izeman family waiting for the bus, the two hour trip to Dokshitsy including references to the town historian, Nikolai Dmitrivich Chiastokov, and a pit stop in Bogoml. In Dokshitsy we are greeted by the Dokshitsy District chairman. We then visit school number one, and take a short ride to the cemetery. Our translator, Galina Swarz, translates words by Nikolai. After visiting the cemetery, we have lunch and visit the after-school program. As we leave Dokshitsy we stop at Shunevka, one of many villages that was destroyed in WWII, and never rebuilt. The residents were burnt in the barn. Sixteen childern were thrown alive down the well.

When we went to Dokshitsy in May 2008, many of us brought cameras. Here are pictures from May 22, 2008, our first day in Dokshitsy. Included are our arrival in Dokshitsy, visits to the cemetery and the site of the Holocaust massacre accross the street. We are met by Nikolai Chiastikoff, who showed around and had us over to his house. The second cemetery is now an electrical transmission station. We then went to Parfianov, six miles away.

On the second day in Dokshitsy, May 23,2008, The cemetery was dedicated. In addition to the video on our home page, Mark Izeman prepared a flikr slide show. It includes a few shots in Minsk, our bus trip to Dokshitsy, our time at the District offices, being shown around school number one by the principal and staff, and a visit to the after school dance program. We were at the cemetery twice, once for the dedication, and then for some quiet time. As we left Dokshitsy we visited Shunevka, a village that was destroyed in WWII and never rebuilt. Here are some pictures from our second day in Dokshitsy, May 23, 2008.