Dokshitsy letter 2005

To: President of Religious Jewish Congregations in the Republic of Belarus

Mr. Yuri Dorn

Daumana Street 13 “b”,

Minsk December 22, 2005

According to the decision of the executive committee of Dokshitsy council, closed Jewish cemetery was destroyed and a park was built in this place in Dokshitsy in 1965.For the unknown reasons there are headstones with the inscriptions written on them at the far end of the park. Now park territory is developing and we would like to discuss with you the methods of resolving this situation in the best way so that all our actions do not seem to be blasphemy regarding the buried and also we would like to correct a mistake that was done many years ago. Vice-chairman of DokshitsyExecutive Committee of theDistrict Soviet of People's Deputies G. N. Portyanko