Tips for researching your genealogy.


Many Dokshitzers entered the United States through Ellis Island in New York City. The United States government required ships to submit a passenger list which was called a ship's manifest. The Ellis Island data base is free to search. Registration is required. has a better search engine for the Ellis Island Data base. Gold form is best for Jewish names. Sounds like search is preferable since there is no correct way to spell a name. It can be helpful to increase the number of hits to the maximum allowed, 500. It is much easier to look at 10 pages of 500 than 100 pages of 50! If there are too many hits, these may be reduced by selecting Jewish as the nationality and/or by restricting the years searched, selecting make or female. The more search items are added, the fewer false positives, but the chance of missing something is preferred. A search of the Ellis Island Data Base for Dokshitz is at EIDB also has search engines for other American ports. also searches for Immigration records as do many paid sites such as, and Many librariries in the Unitied States subscribe to

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