Exploring Dokshitsy

At this site across the street from the cemetery more than 3000 Jews were killed and buried in three pits in the spring of 1942. The 1965 memorial calls them "Soviet Citizens." photo by Aaron Ginsburg

Under construction. Our first day in Dokshitsy, the day before the dedication.

As we were leaving for the day, we swung back to the cemetery. To our surprise, the street was blocked off by a fleet of trucks and what seemed like an army of workers. They were bricking the path to the holocaust memorial. This was done by the District, without any assistance. The last minute nature of the work implied that they did not quite believe we were coming. To everyone's amusement, they were even painting a large boulder near the street green.

We also visited Parfianov. The recently erected Holocaust memorial was in bad shape, made of soft stone.