YB announcement

Important news regarding the Yizkor Book of Dokshitsy and Parafianow

The English translation of the Yizkor Book of Dokshitsy and Parafianow (which is online at http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/dokshitsy/dokshitz.html The original book is online at http://yizkor.nypl.org/ ) will soon be printed for the first time by "the Yizkor Book in Print Program of jewishgen.org" directed by Joel Alpert. Thirteen years ago Joel, a Dokshitsy descendant, supervised the completion of the English translation which can be seen on the internet . The book was first published in nineteen sixty-five partly in Hebrew and partly in Yiddish. The translation into English is the only version available in a single language.

The Yizkor book at two hundred and seventy-five pages is short, and there is room for additional material. "The Friends of Jewish Dokshitsy" has been asked to submit material for possible inclusion.

Therefore I welcome your help,cooperation and ideas:

1. A small number of people wrote " the Yizkor book". We would like to know something about each of them. See the table of contents in Hebrew at https://sites.google.com/site/friendsofjd/home/yb-table-of-contents-hy or in English at "http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/dokshitsy/Dokshitz.html#TOC" and help us find out more.

2. If you know Yiddish or know someone who knows Yiddish, please let me know.

3. We would consider pictures taken in Dokshitsy or nearby. For best quality pictures need to be scanned in at 300 to 600 dpi. If you have an original print and you cannot send it by email, a copy may be sent by mail.

4. Do you have any pictures that are in "the Yizkor book"? We need good quality versions.

5. An index of last names, a general index, and a glossary and notes are under consideration. There are tools to help. You can be trained, but experience would be helpful.

6. Perhaps you have a description of life in the 1920s, 1930s, or during and after the Holocaust.

7. In addition to Dokshitsy and פאראפיאנאוו, places may include Begoml, Krulevshchina, Voznovshchina and others which are in the current Dokshitsy district.

Sometimes the story may have started or ended in the Dokshitsy area and include another location.

8. Under consideration is a section devoted to families which might include a brief description and some pictures.

9. Can you help with writing, translation, web-design, editing?

10. Do you have any additional suggestions?

Please discuss it with friends and family that might have missed this announcement.

This message will be distributed to our Facebook group, our google plus circle, and by e-mail. It will be translated into Hebrew and Russian with the help of "Google translation tool". You will receive duplicate copies.

Please respond to Aaron Ginsburg, aaron.ginsburg@gmail.com


Aaron Ginsburg,

President, "The Friends of Jewish Dokshitsy".

Foxboro, Massachusetts USA

phone: "(508) 784-1101" website: jewishdokshitsy.org