The Friends of Jewish Dokshitsy

"It is surprising how many people can trace their descent to Dokshitsy, a small town now in Belarus."

Rob Benjamin

The Friends of Jewish Dokshitsy, Inc.(FOJD), a Massachusetts non-profit organization, was founded in 2006 in response to a message from the Dokshitsy District. The District sought help to restore the Jewish cemetery forty years after it's destruction. We were founded "to preserve the memory of the Jewish residents of Dokshitsy (Dokshitz in Yiddish), Parafianov, and nearby villages." Our intention is to preserve the memory of these communities, both how they lived and how they were destroyed. Most of the Jews who lived in Dokshitsy in 1939 were killed during the Holocaust. Before then, thousands had left, many going to America, but also to Australia, South Africa, Eastern and Western Europe, Latin America, and Israel. The result is a worldwide Dokshitsy Diaspora.

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  • Rob Benjamin writes about the August, 2010 Dokshitsy Diaspora Reunion Eva Fogelman's keynote Why Remember Dokshitsy? was a highlight.

  • If someone says, "My grandfather was from Dokshitz, and I don't know anything about the place," how would you respond? Here's one possibility.

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"Dokshitsy: holocaust site and Jewish cemetery are across the street from each other. left and top right pictures-site of Holocaust. left new Holocaust memorial: "Everyone has a name given to him by G-d, by the sea, and given to him by his death." Zelda. On this site more than 3000 members of the Dokshitsy Jewish community were killed. They are numbered among those who performed Kiddush Hashem." bottom right site of cemetery: "They should know that there was once a shtetl named Dokshitz, where Jewish life flourished." Shechina Kantorovitchall black monuments were erected by The Friends of Jewish Dokshitsy with your help. left photo by Carol Epstein 2012. top right photo by Frank Swartz 2008. bottom right photo by Kristian Väisänen 2009. most photos on this site can be enlarged with one click.

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