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Please check the calendar pages, Facebook, and the organizer for the most current information. Unless indicated otherwise, all classes are offered by Eddy Hernandez

February 21, 2021 Update

Dear friends, students and tangueros of Greater Washington,

We have great news! Montgomery County authorized us to work indoors at 25% of our capacity, so that means that from now on, we can have 24 people (12 couples) in our Milonga on Fridays, and 12 people per class in our regular group classes! That's great, isn't it? Of course, we have to keep social distancing and wearing mask is still required, even they suggest that double mask is even better and safer. Stay tuned, next week, we will start opening more classes for couples.

The fundraiser to help to keep the school open in these difficult times of the pandemic, is still on. If some of you still want to make a donation, here is the link to make it, and again, many thanks in advance for your support. To open the fundraiser page, click in the following link:

In order to follow the MoCo directions, we can only have one student for every 200 sf, that means, that we can only have a maximum of 12 students per class. The dance floor, will be marked with the space necessary for each student separately and the student should remain in the designed area during the class. In the group class for couples, each couple will have a marked area of 400 sf, so we will have a maximum of five couples per class (not changing partner allowed). Beside this, we will require that everyone taking the classes, adopt the following requirements:

1. Face covering (masks) is obligatory,
2. Everyone in class and entering to the studio, should keep social distancing,
3. Wash hands before and after class,
4. Use hand sanitizer as necessary
5. Students planning to come to classes, should register in advance by texting at 727-510 8329 / 202-669 9356 / 240-704 4932 or by email at

The schedule for this week, is the following:

Monday, February 22nd, (limited to 12 people)

7:30 PM, "Individual Technique for leaders and followers"

Wednesday, February 24th, (limited to 12 people)

7:30 PM, "Individual Technique for leaders and followers"

Friday, February 26th, Milonga El Yeite!

8:00 PM, class prior Milonga, "Sequences for the social dance" ( Couples only, not changing partner allowed) . Each couple will have a marked area of 400 sf and should remain in the designated area the entire class. Class is limited to six couples.

9:00 PM - 1:00 AM, Milonga El Yeite, (limited to 12 couples)

Prices: Class $22,00 per student,
       Milonga $15.00 per person
       Class + Milonga $30.00 per person

I am available for private lessons, every day from Monday to Sunday, from 11:00 AM until 7:00 PM. To book yours, please, text me at 727-510 8329 / 240-704 4932 or by email at

The fee for private lessons is $110.00 per hour, or $500.00 for a package of five hours or $900.00 for a package of ten hours.

I want to thank all of you in advance for your support, for your friendship and for your respect to my work. Feel free to forward this email to your friends and tangueros in the area. Big hug to every one!

Eddy Hernandez 
International Master of Argentine Tango

Eddy Hernandez, is an international teacher of Argentine Tango, teaching and performing around the World for 26 years, raised in the Milongas of Buenos Aires. He had the privilege of learning directly from some of the most famous Tango Masters in history such Antonio Todaro, Pepito Avellaneda, Raul Bravo, Mingo Pugliese and many others just to name some of them. Eddy is a very clear instructor, he has developed his own teaching program called “Intensive Tango Training” focused on technique, musicality and body language. Eddy is also choreographer, producer and director of theater productions and dinner shows.

For more info. call me at 727-510 8329;

Updated February 21, 2021 

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