Conservation and Commerce

Green Infrastructure ideas especially for our industries and institutions.

Grow vegetables on your roof

"Rooftop gardens provide environmental benefits similar to traditional green roofs, in which plants are used to reduce stormwater runoff, filter pollutants and cut heating and cooling costs." A Washington Post article shows how one factory owner does it. Sky Vegetables and GreenGrid are two firms providing ways to create rooftop gardens.

Use permeable paving

"Pervious paving allows water to infiltrate into layers of limestone placed below the paving and then into soil and groundwater below. By infiltrating most of the storm water on-site, the amount of water and pollution flowing into storm sewers and directly to rivers and streams is greatly reduced. This, in turn, protects water quality, maintains more stable base flows to streams, reduces flood peaks, and reduces stream bank erosion. With infiltration, groundwater is recharged and streams are replenished with cool, clean groundwater in a more natural way. Pervious paving is one component of Low Impact Development (LID)."

Pervious Paving, an introductory brochure from USDA, with references to relevant web sites.