Chepstow Harriers C25K    

 Next Course starts 4th September 2024 and it's free!

Do you want to improve your health and fitness? Fancied completing a parkrun but are unsure where to start?

This beginners C25K course might be for you!

C25K programme is  for new runners and returning runners and anyone who wants to give it a go, starting Wed 4th Sept 2024,  - meeting at the Severn Bridge tunnel underpass near B&M in Bulwark meeting at 1820 for 1830 start.  The course duration is 9 weeks and ends with a Severn Bridge Parkrun.

To help your progress along the structed C25k programme maintaining motivation to active your goals there will be two repeat sessions held on Friday night in the same location at 1830, and each Sunday at 9:30 at the Chepstow Leisure Centre on Welsh St.  If these you are unable to make one of the sessions you can repeat the sessions in you own time. 


If you want to come along or need more information please contact: or our Chepstow C25k Facebook page

The C25K course run by the coaches of Chepstow Harriers, will last for 9 weeks and by the end of it, a 5K run will be within your reach!

The course will commence on Wednesday 4th Sept , meeting at meeting at the tunnel underpass near B&M in Bulwark at 6.20pm for 6.30 start.

Full support will be offered by a team of dedicated Coaches and club volunteers.

We will start with ‘run walk sessions’ and gradually increase the running time so that after 9 weeks you will be able to run 5K at your own pace. In addition to Wednesday coached sessions, participants will need to run some self supervised activities between the coached sessions, if you are unable to attend the Wed, Fri and Sunday sessions detailed above 

The final graduation session will be at a Saturday Severn Bridge Parkrun - more details closer to the time.

Those interested please register your interest please message this FB page or email the following details to 

Your name

Email address

Emergency contact and phone number

All contact details will be treated in strict confidence.

By registering for the course, participants will be assumed to have read the Risk Assessment that will be sent out later with the registration confirmation.

All participants should make sure they have no underlying medical conditions that would prevent reasonably strenuous exercise – if in doubt consult your Doctor.


Connect with our dedicated C25K Chepstow FB page 

Access to the training routine, audio MP3s to guide you through, and other helpful advice is available on the NHS website