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Thursday 6th July 2017 - 7:30 pm
This will be the 20th anniversary of the race

Enter online here
Pre-Entry is £9 for affiliated and unaffiliated runners
Entry on night, if available, £11. Race limit 300.

Event HQ

The Event Centre is at the Abbey Mill www.abbeymill.com in Tintern. Post code NP16 6SE.

Each runner will receive a race token that can be exchanged for drink in bar or tea/coffee and cake in cafe.

There will be prize for first mens team (4 to score) and womens team (3 to score). Prizes for first 3 men and women overall, and for first in 5 year age categories.


The race will be the same as last year with the start and finish at the Tintern end of the old railway bridge (above), next to the Abbey Mill (NP16 6SE). The race crosses the bridge and then follows the river for about a mile, along the course of the old railway line. It then climbs up through the woods to reach Offa’s Dyke path, going north along the path for a mile or so. At the 3 way post the route goes down past HAPPA horse sanctuary, and then turns left back along the lane to rejoin the outward route and back to finish at the same point as the start.

The course distance is approximately 6 miles with a height gain of around 300m (985 feet).
A map of the course can be viewed/downloaded here.

Cut-off Time
The cut-off time is 90 minutes, If you are not at the 3 mile point by 45 mins you may be asked to leave the race. From this point you can walk back to the Abbey Mill in 15 mins.

Any queries please email to TinternTrot@chepstowharriers.org.uk
Results for 2016:

Photos by Brenda Avery

Results Archive

To see the results going all the way back to 2003 please click here.

The Tintern Trot

It hits the Spot

For running along the Wye

Trotting through the sylvan woods

And then going up high


After Bill Savage turn

It’s time for a burn

Here comes a savage climb

Time to think, Wye oh Why

Strain heart, lungs and limb


Then along Offa’ Dyke

What is there not to like

Along the ancient border road

And down the hill to Brockweir

Back to the Wye abode


Along where monks once trod

Tintern’s close, thank God

Over bridge to Abbey Mill

Your race is at an end

Drink and eat your fill