Day 8 - Feb. 16th 2012

I made two more side walls from 5mm plywood. Those are going to be used to "skin" the interior of the trailer. The side walls are going to have 3 layers:
  1. The exterior walls are going to be the 1/2 plywood
  2. Hard foam insulation
  3. The 5mm plywood on the interior.

I painted the bottom edge of the 1/2 plywood walls with the Henry's Emulsion (the tar like thing, remember?) to protect it from humidity. Again, just paint the bottom edge (the walls are upside down in the picture).

Both walls are protected now at the bottom edge.

I made a right-angle jig from one of the corners I cut off when I made the 1/2" side walls. We'll use this when we attach the walls to the floor to make sure the walls are perpendicular on the floor.

Day 9 - Feb. 18th 2012