Day 12 - Feb. 22nd 2012

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I started the wiring for the lights and the vent. I'll have 2 porch lights, one on each side walls, a dome light for the interior, 2 reading lights and the vent's fan. I will also setup some extra wires for a radio and speakers.

Here is the basic schematic on how I'm going to install the wiring.

The frame that is installed on the walls, next to the back panel, is the in-wall support for the bunk bed I'm making for our 3 years old daughter.

The porch lights wires.

This is the sink-stove combo we got for the little kitchen. Looks blue because is covered with a protective film for the shipping, but the sink and stove are stainless steel.

Here is the size of the sink-stove combo compared to the size of the back of the teardrop. You can see the wires on the right side, it's where I'm going to install the fuse box.
I'll have to label those wires, I need to know which is what.

Day 13 - Feb. 23rd 2012