Day 7 - Feb. 15th 2012

First the good news: The replacement dome for the Fan-Tastic Vent just came and doesn't have any cracks! Hooray!

Get the floor ready for bolting to the trailer frame:
  1. Put the wood frame on top of the trailer, clamped to stay in place
  2. Tap it with a hammer where the frame rests on top of bolt heads that keep the trailer together (this will mark where the trailer's bolts are and you'll need to carve some spaces so that the frame will lay flat on the trailer)
  3. Use a 1" spade bit to make space in the wood frame for the bolt heads.
The floor is bolted to the trailer. 

I'll make the side walls from 1/2" 4'x8' plywood.
Drawing the curved that gives the teardrop trailer the nice shape (the pencil line is barely visible):

I used 2 home made compasses (just a piece of wood with a nail on one side and a hole for the pencil on the other).
First one is 19" long from the nail tip to the pencil tip and one is 48". 
The curve at the left of the paper (the back of the teardrop) is made from 2 arc circles, the first one has a radius of 19" (the 19" compass) and the second one 48" (the 48" compass). This will give the curve at the back of the trailer an arc ellipse shape.
Note: Ignore the 18 5/32 dimension on the drawing, I didn't use it, the correct dimension for the 19" radius arc is 19" from side and 19" from bottom.

I used one of the doors to trace the shape on the plywood. Here is one side walls with all the cutoffs. I used a jigsaw to make the cuts.

The door fits perfect in the space.

I used the side wall that's already done to mark the next wall.

Both walls are cut. I'll need to use the sander a little on the edges.