Day 26 - Mar. 29th 2012

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This is the molding I got. It came in two 16' long pieces. I also got 2 rolls of 25' black vinyl insert.

To install the molding and be able to bend it around the curves of the teardrop, I'll need to soften the aluminum first (annealing). This is done by heating the aluminum to very high temperature and then letting it cool down slow. Aluminum doesn't turn orange when hot like steel, so you'll have to decide when is hot enough without melting it. 
Use a propane torch...

... and slowly move the flame on the aluminum molding on the portion that you want to soften.

Move the flame slowly back and forth on the length of the molding. When you think is hot enough, let it cool down by itself. Do not put it in water, that is going to make it harder. 
DO NOT TOUCH IT WITH YOUR HAND WHILE HOT! - except if you want a permanent tatoo on your hand to remind you of the time when you built the teardrop.

Use something like clear OSI sealant (what I use) from Home Depot to fill the space between the aluminum skin under the molding. Don't be stingy with the stuff but don't get messy either.
(Thanks Danny for the tip)

Put the sealant on the corner and then install the corner molding over. Bend it nicely around the curves and secure it with screws.

Install the window with the same sealant under the frame.

Same sealant to install the doors.

I installed a window drip cap. I also have two for the doors.

Done for today!

Day 27 - Apr 7th 2012