Day 6 - Feb. 13th 2012

Waterproofing and insulating the underneath of the floor. 
NOTE: Do not paint the sides of the floor.  You are going to need the sides clean to glue the walls to.
After painting each section with the tar like emulsion, I place the hard foam insulation (I used a box cutter to cut the insulation) and secure it in place with few screws with big washers. 
Make sure you don't drill the screws to reach the other side.

In the picture, there is another piece of plywood in the front section of the floor. That's where the spare wheel will hang under the trailer. The plywood is glued and screwed to the floor board.

The consistency of the emulsion, looks like melted tar.

The insulation pads secured in place. The emulsion is going to act as an adhesive to keep the pads in place. If that's not true, then the screws are going to do the job.

All done. I went crazy with the tar and made sure that I have some even on the screws. No idea if that's good or necessary, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

After testing thoroughly everything....

.... I have some advice... use gloves when you deal with the tar.

On the can, on the label, it said that it could take 2 to 7 days to dry in cold weather. I'm hoping that is going to take less.