Day 5 - Feb. 12th 2012

First the bad news. The Fan-Tastic Vent I bought from ebay came with the dome cracked. I contacted the ebay seller and Monday we are going to find a solution.

The rest of it looks and works good:

The fan has 3 speeds and the flow of air can be set in or out:

I made some modifications to my Fan-tastic Vent to have more control over the fan's speed (and noise). I used a voltage regulator - LM317, one resistor and one potentiometer. Here is the schematic:

Now from the potentiometer the speed can be set from very very slow and quiet to full speed.

Initially I tried to control the speed using PWM but that actually makes it noisier. This solution with LM317 works perfect.

Here is a video of it running:

YouTube Video

Here is the LED dome light I got:

The 5' long hurricane hinge:

Water, you shall not pass!

The bolts with washers, lockwashers and nuts that I'll use to bolt the wood frame to the trailer:

I'll use those 6" bolts to place the spare wheel under the front of the trailer:

Asphalt emulsion to paint the wood frame and plywood on the side that is going to be connected to the trailer. This is supposed to protect the wood from the water.