Day 4 - Feb. 11th 2012

I'm hopping for good weather today. I have in plan to go and buy 3 sheets of 1/2'' 4'x8' plywood and 6 2''x4''x8'.
One sheet of plywood is for the teardrop's floor and two for the side walls.

If the weather stays dry and I can get them home, tonight I'll start working on the frame for the teardrop's floor.
Wish me luck.


The weather was good. I got the plywood and the 2x4s.

I used the table saw to split the 2x4 in 2x2s:

And then the miter saw to cut them to length:

The floor frame (the plywood under the frame is there just to have a flat surface, is not connected to the frame):

Held together by metal angles. I got some good advice that I should use exterior screws (last longer when in contact with humidity), so I replaced all the drywall screws with exterior screws.
The picture shows the drywall screws.

... and a long screw:

This is how the frame turned out:

The 1/2" plywood that would be the flood of the teardrop on top of the frame, just to check the size and looks. 
I had to cut a little piece on the side. The floor looks good!